Baby Shower Cookies


IMG_1658A few weekends ago, I helped host a friend’s baby shower, and took on the task of making favors. When thinking about favor ideas, I decided on going with something edible. I had never seriously decorated cookies with icing before, so i decided to take a crack at it, using a design for a very dapper little boy.

IMG_1653The first step was simply making sugar cookies. I used a very basic sugar cookie recipe, and cut out over 50 cookies from three batches of cookie dough. This was a large shower, so I made sure there would be more than enough for guests to take home. The onesie cookie cutter was easy to find online, and I have also seen it at local craft stores.

IMG_1654IMG_1656For the colors, I took inspiration from the party invitations, and stuck with a classy black and white outfit with a pop of light blue. The piping was certainly more difficult than James and I anticipated; one tricky issue was figuring out the consistency of the icing. We needed some thick icing for outlining, as well as some that was thinner and looser that would pool to fill in shapes.

IMG_1655After a while, we got the hang of it, and set all cookies out to decorate in an assembly line fashion. James was in charge of doing a lot of the more precise lines, and determined that he couldn’t get the buttons to be neat enough with icing, so we decided instead to use some candy pearls for those.

IMG_1659The baby blue bowties added the final touch to these treats, tying the little outfit together. Being a first time effort, they certainly were not perfect, but I was pleased with them overall. I’m glad that I had the opportunity to try out cookie decorating, and most importantly to put a smile on the expectant mother’s face.


Middle Earth Madness VII


A couple of our close friends started a fun tradition six years ago called ‘Middle Earth Madness.’ Every year they invite friends over to their home and watch the extended versions of all three Lord of the Rings films. It’s not just a sit and watch movies type of event, the whole day also is sprinkled with themed food and treats such as Second Breakfast, Baked Bree, and You Shall Not Pizza, to name just a few. This year was the seventh time they have hosted this event, but only my fourth time attending as I met them in 2011. Shortly after James introduced me to his college friends this fun duo invited me to their then fourth annual ‘Middle Earth Madness,’ and I haven’t missed one since.  To add to the fun of the day a few guests bring their own themed treats, so of course James and I have eagerly taken up that opportunity to have fun creating our contributions. Unfortunately, in 2012 I had oral surgery the day before the event so we were unable to bring a treat (but I still went, puffy faced and all). Here are the three treats we have created in the past. We’re already brewing up new ideas for the upcoming years.


Shelob’s Web Cake



Bilbo’s Hobbit Hole Cake



Map of Middle Earth Cookie

img_0723aAs a fan of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and all things ‘nerdy,’ I quickly embraced the tradition and look forward to it each year. Can’t wait to see what we come up with each year.