Apple Picking

One of the things that amazed me about California when I first moved out here was the varied terrain. It really is true that you can find desert, ocean, and snowcapped mountain landscapes all within driving distance. Last week James and I took a drive up to Oak Glen, California to adventure around the lovely farms hugging the San Bernardino Mountains.

img_9970img_9965We went apple picking at Willowbrook Apple Farm, which was filled with Stayman Winesap apple trees that were over one hundred years old.

img_9966A lot of the smaller apples were within a hand’s reach…

img_9975…but a lot of the big red ones were very high on the trees.

img_9979After picking apples, we headed to the farm’s cider press station where you can fill a basket with apples prepped for cider. In order to get a good balance of sweet and tart, they had both Winesap and Fuji apples.

img_9980We were able to use the press ourselves, and fill up a container with deliciously fresh cider.

img_9968The day made for a perfect autumn outing, and a new tradition that we plan to repeat every year.



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