Guest Room Decor


Over the past few months we have been slowly working on different parts of our house, and recently completed the very first room. The guest room was the only room in the entire house that did not require any large structural changes, only needing essential bedroom decor pieces, and standard improvements such as fresh paint and new lighting fixtures.


We painted the trim and doors throughout most of the house a soft color called ‘dusty gold.’ It’s delicate and subtle, adding variation without calling too much attention to itself. Decorative cover plates for light switches and outlets are other simple but effective elements that we installed throughout the house.


We put everything that a guest might need in the room, such as towels, toiletries, and a water carafe.


There is a small patio connected to the room, and we decided to give the exterior door a knob with a lot of presence.


We’ve already had my parents come visit, and it was such a pleasure to host them in our very own home. We’re very happy with how this room came out, and are excited to have a warm and welcoming space to host our friends and family.


3 Comments on “Guest Room Decor”

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