A Welcoming Entrance


We’ve decided to start small before jumping into the larger renovation projects for our house, and sprucing up the front entrance seemed like the natural place to start.


There were already some lovely features, such as our mail slot next to the door, so we knew it just needed a few adjustments to look complete.


We liked the idea of adding a hint of color and pattern to the blank space right above our front door, so we created a stencil with a floral pattern and mixed some old acrylic paints to get the colors we wanted.


We love the feel of autumn, and the browns of the house are complimented nicely by a seasonal rustic wreath. When searching for a wreath, we noticed that most pre-made ones were very large and heavy on fake leaves, so we created a simpler one using a variety of pieces found at our local crafts store.


A more overt reference to the autumnal season are the many squash that we put out on our front steps.


Its so much more fun to choose a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, rather than stick with the typical orange pumpkin. In the winter, these will be a welcome addition to our dinner table.


The house was already full of charm, but we love how these additions give it a personal touch. We also look forward to mixing up the look for each season.


3 Comments on “A Welcoming Entrance”

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