Industrial Providence


Providence has an important industrial history that dates back to the very beginnings of the Industrial Revolution in America. Nineteenth century factories and warehouses can be seen all around where I grew up throughout the Blackstone River Valley. On each visit James and I make a point to photograph some of the architecture, for we never know how long each will be around. Centuries of exposure to the elements have made these structures into works of natural art, exhibiting rich textures that beckon you with generations of stories.




The interplay of different materials such as brick, stone, wood, metal, and paint, combine to create such interesting forms



Some of the factories incorporate Romanesque elements into their design, making for some very unique buildings.



On a recent trip we wandered past a hauntingly beautiful demolition site.


Many of the historic structures have been converted for other uses, such as these lofts. It’s wonderful to see them being given a new life instead of being destined for the wrecking ball.


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