Our Little Patio


I have always loved spending time outdoors, and James and I are lucky to have our own little patio to lounge in when the weather is warmer. It’s a pleasant little escape for relaxing, dining, or gardening. It isn’t a very large patio, but has just enough space for a little table, wicker chairs, a grill, and a few plants.


For decor we like to use rustic pieces that incorporate a good amount of detail and design. These clay pitchers were a gift from family that instantly felt at home in the little outdoor space.


Because the patio is squeezed in between two buildings, it doesn’t get a tremendous amount of sunshine, but just enough to keep some small fresh herbs planted. The herbs give the space some extra greenery and are incredibly helpful for cooking fresh meals at home.


We’ve allowed some of the natural vines in the area to spread around, trimming away the dead leaves when needed.


During the spring and summer months we sometimes take our dinner outside and enjoy it under the soft lights. Even when I cook indoors, having the patio is a refreshing way to be outside in the cool air and talk away our evenings.  We couldn’t imagine not having this little outdoor private spot as part of our home.



2 Comments on “Our Little Patio”

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