Hand Painted Egg Cups


I’ve been on the lookout for egg cups for quite some time now, but have been unable to find a complete set that isn’t either plain white, or does not suit our kitchen’s color scheme. Instead of continuing the search, I decided to buy some simple white ones and paint them myself at home with some acrylic paint and clear glaze.


I picked colors that matched our kitchen table and hutch, and alternated them to create three different patterns. The design on the middle part was done using a small handmade stencil.


Once all of the cups were painted and glazed, I let them dry for about 12 hours and then placed them in a cool oven set to 350F for 40 minutes (the cups have to heat with the oven or the harsh temperature difference can crack the paint).


I’m very excited to have this little set and can’t wait to enjoy many warm egg breakfasts with them.




One Comment on “Hand Painted Egg Cups”

  1. […] The main piece in this meal is a just a soft boiled egg. I boiled five cups of water, brought it back down to a simmer, then added four eggs to the water and set a timer for six minutes. After running the eggs under cold water immediately after cooking, I just sliced off the top of each egg and put them into egg cups. […]

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