Middle Earth Madness VIII

As noted in a previous post, a couple of good friends of ours host a fun Lord of the Rings themed party every year right around the end of winter called Middle Earth Madness. Each year we look forward to a full day of enjoying the extended films with great company, eating fun themed foods, and creating our own contribution. This year we decided to make a little model of Minas Tirith using white cake, sugar cookies, icing, and powdered sugar.



We broke down the basic shape into cylinders and triangular prisms that were roughed out in cardboard. We used a cake mix and cookie dough out of a box so that we could focus on cutting out the shapes that we needed.



The shape of the city is very conducive to a layer cake, which made it simpler to construct. The only tricky part was the wedge shaped section of rock.


Once we had our basic structure made from the cake, we cut out quite a few buildings and towers from a cookie sheet and attached them with icing. Then we sprinkled the whole thing with powdered sugar to make it look whiter.


This is James’ favorite of the treats we’ve created for Middle Earth Madness so far. I’m torn between this and the hobbit hole we made two years ago. We’re not sure just yet what we’ll be constructing next year, but we look forward to thinking up of of new ideas for Middle Earth treats.


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