Recent Lego Creations

In the past we’ve shown off some of our Lego creations, and since then we have built a few more.


Here is a city block that is done in microscale. It’s very interesting to see what can be created with such a small amount of area.


Keeping things small, this home interior is equipped with tables, chairs, a TV, and a stove. Maybe the bathroom and bedroom are on the unseen second floor.


This church is pretty much done to minifig scale.


Here’s another one in scale with minifigs. This is based on the city gates that we saw in Vieux-Québec.

Every once in a while, we will look to inspiration from the photos we took on a trip to Legoland California a few years ago. We never really have enough pieces to think on a grand scale, and we always have to work in white because our color options are extremely limited, but I’m sure our collection will continue to grow. Perhaps one day we can create something like the masterpieces below.






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