Personalized Stationery


Although the times of having pen pals and hand written letters are long gone, I still like keeping stationery at home for whatever occasion may present itself. I have found many instances where I will hand write a card for a birthday or hostess gift, as a sweet thank you, or a ‘just because’ note to make a friend smile. Recently, I ran out of stationery cards and decided to design my own instead buying more.


I wanted the stationery to have a hand made feel, so I used colored pencils to give the design a gentle texture. For inspiration I looked at several examples of Art Nouveau, and created a digital image as my master reference with a flowered border and monogram at the bottom.


I then printed out the design and drew it onto a sketchbook, gently filling the shapes with colored pencils. The hand drawn paper was then scanned and cleaned up to create the final version for printing.

I had a lot of fun with this project, love the outcome, and can see myself designing more personalized stationery in the future.



One Comment on “Personalized Stationery”

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