While traveling to the northeast to see my family for Christmas, James and I decided to take a day to visit New York City. We had each traveled to the big apple with our families when we were younger, but this was our first opportunity to go off on our own and discover places we had never visited.


We decided to spend the night in the city and stayed at the historic New Yorker Hotel, recently acquired by Wyndham. The hotel was just a few blocks away from Penn Station, and a perfect location for our day in Manhattan.


The interior of the hotel was stunning. A beautiful chandelier welcomes you in the lobby, and interesting details are found throughout the entire building.


This photo was taken from our room which had an amazing view of Midtown and the Empire State Building.


This was the first time that James had ever taken Amtrak into Penn Station. In the past, he has always taken Metro-North into Grand Central Terminal, but had never had a chance to fully explore it.


This was my first time going inside Grand Central Terminal at all, and I was instantly enamored with the astronomical ceiling. After this trip I can confidently say that my favorite spot in the city is the Main Concourse of Grand Central Terminal.


We walked inside the Empire State Building and admired the beautiful Deco lobby.


Of all the skyscrapers that he has seen, the Chrysler Building is James’ favorite because of the boldness of the ornamentation and terraced crown.


Neither one of us had ever seen the inside of the building until this trip, and the ceiling murals and marble in the lobby certainly did not disappoint.



We went inside of the New York Public Library Main Branch, and although the Main Reading Room was closed, we found plenty of other beautiful rooms.


This trip also marked my first time actually in Central Park, which is such a peaceful enclave amidst the hustle and bustle of the borough.


Here I am with a statue of Balto, the famous sled dog. I was eager to find this statue in the park, having seen it so much in the animated feature in my childhood.


I was amazed at all of the gems that fill the park, such as the Minton Tile ceiling of the Bethesda Terrace Arcade.


Who would have though that you could find a castle right in the middle of Manhattan? Here is James enjoying the view from atop Belvedere Castle.


We took the subway (my first New York subway trip) downtown to City Hall Park. The city was even colder than we expected, luckily I wore many layers on the trip to keep us going.


Right next to the Civic Center is the Woolworth Building, another striking skyscraper.


We walked over to see the new Freedom Tower, which extended into the clouds on this overcast day.


At night we walked through the East Village, admiring the rows of tenements with iron fire escapes before meeting some friends for dinner.

On this trip we were thrilled to visit sites we had never seen, try new things iconic to the city such as my first taste of roasted chestnuts, and catch up with good friends. New York City is only a short train ride away from Providence, so we plan to make many more trips in the future to explore its five boroughs.


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