Wedding Gifts for Our Home


When filling out our wedding registry, James and I opted for gifts that would either replace pieces that we already owned (dinner plates, old pots and pans, etc.) or pieces that we had been wanting for a while, but had not had the opportunity to purchase ourselves. Here is just a sampling of gifts that we received from our generous friends and family that we look forward to incorporating into our daily kitchen and home functionality.


Perhaps the biggest surprise came when we received our stand mixer. Out of all the items on our registry the stand mixer was (not so) secretly the piece that I was hoping for the most. Lucky for me, I have fantastic close friends who pitched in together to make this little dream come true. I have already used it a handful of times and have found that it certainly lives up to all of my expectations and has greatly improved my baking experiences.


Cookware was another category that I was very excited for. I had been using an older set for most of my cooking, so replacing it with new items was a welcome change. We received some wonderful cookware pieces with copper bottoms from a couple of our close friends, and these dutch ovens from family members. My mother has always used dutch ovens in her cooking, and I am eager to make some of her recipes this winter.



Another item at the top of our list was our wedding china. We previously did not have any entire sets of dishes, and this china fit the bill perfectly. The gold and blush tones remind us of our wedding colors, while the delicate details speak to our aesthetic preferences.



To compliment our wedding china we chose this beautiful line of silverware.


Our hostess set is part of the same collection as our silverware, tying all of the pieces together for curating lovely dinners.


We picked out two different sets of crystal glasses that would both harmonize with our wedding china and be useful for different types of beverages.


These napkins were an unexpected surprise from my brother and sister in law that fit ideally into our home. The color scheme matches our kitchen, and the theme is perfect for displaying in our home now that we are newlyweds. We loved every gift that we received from our wedding, and are excited to finally have some key pieces in our home to use for many years to come.


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