Our Honeymoon: Le Mont Saint-Michel


Our final stop in Basse-Normandie was Le Mont Saint-Michel. This was the destination that James and I were the most excited to visit. I had been there for part of the day during my school trip ten years ago and longed to go back and spend more time on the enchanting island. James had fantasized about visiting for many years, and insisted that we stay the night on the actual rock which was absolutely perfect.


No cars are allowed on the mount, so we took a shuttle bus from the mainland across a newly built bridge. The old causeway was still in the process of being demolished.


The town really feels like a fairy tale village with heavy stone walls and half-timbered houses leading up to the imposing structure of the abbey at the top of the mount.



The extremely narrow streets keep a sense of mystery. Who knows what you’ll discover around the next bend?


All of the shops and restaurants have colorful painted signs hanging over their entrances. This one shows a ship with the coat of arms of the abbey on its sail.




There are so many alleys and pathways to explore off of La Grande Rue. In some spots, the abundance of staircases at different elevations give it a maze like quality.



The site is filled with wonderful bits of character, some of which predate William the Conqueror.


A golden statue of Saint Michael reaches for the sky atop L’Abbaye du Mont-Saint-Michel.


We toured the abbey from the lowest, oldest parts to the top most sections built in the 13th century.


Here I am in the cloister of the abbey.


From the abbey, we could see the town and fortifications below. It’s fun to imagine a proud Frenchman standing here, looking down on the English besieging the city during the Hundred Years War.


The way that nature has discolored and worn away the stone creates the most amazing textures.


We bought a bottle of calvados apple brandy, even though we had left the département of Calvados the previous day, because we couldn’t resist this lovely bottle as a perfect souvenir. 


At night we were able to explore the tiny island with significantly less people around and experience the small town without the pressure of needing to leave in a rush. We were so excited to visit Mont Saint-Michel and our expectations were not only met, but exceeded. No matter what countries we travel to in our future, we strongly believe Mont Saint-Michel will always remain one of our favorite places on the globe.


3 Comments on “Our Honeymoon: Le Mont Saint-Michel”

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