Our Honeymoon: Normandie


After enjoying Monet’s Garden in Giverny we continued our drive into Basse-Normandie. This was one of the busiest days on our honeymoon as we had several sites to hit before the day’s end.


We temporarily returned to American soil at the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial.


At the cemetery there is a small chapel with a mosaic tile ceiling.


From the cemetery, we drove to Pointe du Hoc which lies between Utah and Omaha beaches. Here I am looking out over the cliffs to the English Channel.


The site is filled with bomb craters and ruins of German gun emplacements that were destroyed 70 years ago.



After visiting the World World II historical sights, we arrived at the city of Bayeux, and explored the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Bayeux and the surrounding area.



The light was coming through the stained glass just right to project dazzling colors on the interior walls.


The crypt in the center of the cathedral dates back to the 11th century.


In a nearby museum is the Tapisserie de Bayeux. Commissioned at the same time as the cathedral’s construction, it tells the story of how William the Conqueror won the throne of England. We were not able to take pictures of the actual embroidered cloth, but there were reproductions in the gift shop.

The cemetery and the tapestry were two sites I was able to visit ten years ago when I traveled to France on a school trip. It was wonderful not only to relive those memories, but to also have a deeper appreciation of their significance as an adult. James and I look forward to taking our future children to these locations someday, and share in those experiences with them as well.


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