Our Honeymoon: Giverny


After touring Versailles we drove from Île-de-France to Giverny in the Haute-Normandie region. This quaint little town is the home of Claude Monet’s Garden, which was my personal favorite tourist attraction from our twelve days in France. We spent an evening walking around exploring, and then toured the famous garden the next morning. Every single area of the enormous garden was filled with lush flowers and greenery, creating an ethereal atmosphere unique from anything we had ever experienced.




Ever since James was a small boy he always wanted to visit Monet’s Garden and stand on the Japanese Bridge. It was pretty crowded, even in the early morning, but we were able to get a few photos.


The water lilies were beautiful in the early morning light.



A few months back, I bought this purse and James commented that it was very similar to the wallpaper in his grandmother’s bathroom. It was the perfect accessory for the gardens.




We toured the house, but photos were not allowed inside. In the gift shop however, there were models of each of the rooms. Pictured above is the kitchen. We purchased a replica of one of the kitchen tiles to use for a coaster as a souvenir.


Giverny is such a quiet romantic town. We took a walk down Rue Claude Monet admiring the scenery.



Paris is often hailed as the city of love, but to us Giverny absolutely trumped Paris on that notion. The charming houses, gardens, pathways and surrounding farmland made for a lovely and romantic day.


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