Flower Pressing


James and I flew out to France the day after our wedding, which meant we had no time to ship anything to ourselves from the wedding details and had to leave everything behind, including my flower bouquet. I left the bouquet in water with my parents so that they could enjoy the pretty flowers and their scent, but I did take a few little flowers from it before we departed. I placed the flowers I took from my bouquet and James’ boutonniere flower in some books so that they could press safely in our suitcase during our honeymoon. I also found a couple of loose flowers in Monet’s Garden during our travels that I decided to press as well. When we returned from our honeymoon I gently took out all of the flowers and decided to frame them all together as a sweet keepsake of our wedding day and honeymoon.


I used a blush piece of paper to lay the flowers out flat, and then carefully positioned them in a small frame that we found at a dollar store.


I wasn’t able to keep my entire bouquet, but am thrilled with this little project to commemorate our special day in a subtle and unique way in our home.


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