New Sash for Wedding Gown

As I had posted previously, I had made a floral sash to wear around my wedding gown that featured fabric flowers and lace. In April, I had a chance to see it with my dress, and it didn’t work quite as well as it had stand-alone. The band felt thick, and the ribbon juxtaposed with the lace on my dress looked too shiny (I felt a bit like gift wrap). Before my latest trip to Rhode Island, I tried out a few different alterations to make it feel more cohesive with the dress, but ultimately I decided that the best course of action was to keep only the flowers, and make a new sash with all new materials.


This one was made with a much thinner champagne colored ribbon and a delicate lace ribbon with tiny pearls on top.


Having seen this new sash with my dress, I am very happy with the way they compliment one another. Not being able to see the dress for comparison while I was making the original sash is just one example of the difficulties involved in designing for an event that is taking place thousands of miles away. It has been frustrating, but with the amount of prep that we have done (and redone again and again as construction of the venue progresses), I’m certain that all of the colors, textures, and geography will work out. We continuously stop to remind ourselves that even with all of the frustrations, we’re so glad to be marrying each other.




3 Comments on “New Sash for Wedding Gown”

  1. Holly x says:

    Wow! That sash looks absolutely beautiful – what a special, wonderful thing to have at your wedding. You’ve inspired me to try and make my own… but I doubt it’d turn out like yours!!! Beautiful.

  2. […] me walking down the aisle with my father. This was also when he was finally able to see what the sash he saw me working on looked like with my […]

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