Paper Flowers


Our wedding day is fast approaching, and there are still some elements that need to be completed. Over the past few weeks, we have been making paper flowers out of crepe paper as part of our centerpieces. It’s a very tedious process, but this way we are able to design the flowers ourselves, pick the perfect colors, and save thousands of dollars by not using real ones.


The first step is to cut out the shapes of the petals from crepe paper. There are three different sizes of petals in each flower.


We chose a delicate pink and ivory for the petal colors, complimented with a red paper center.


Each petal consists of a piece of of each color twisted together.


We didn’t have any pips to put in the center, so we unrolled the handles of a paper bag and cut slits all across it.



The most difficult part is attaching everything with floral tape. It doesn’t seem to stick well to anything except itself and my fingers.


There are still quite a few to make, but we know that all the work will be worth it when they are placed around the lanterns on the centerpiece of each table.



2 Comments on “Paper Flowers”

  1. […] will form a part of the centerpieces on each table along with our paper flowers, large lanterns, and doilies created by my […]

  2. […] one. Underneath the lantern were doilies handmade by my mother. Sitting around the lantern were the paper flowers James and I made a couple of months before the wedding. Then we had little frames painted an ivory […]

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