Themed Birthday Parties


James birthday is this Sunday, and to celebrate his golden birthday I’m taking today off and having a three day weekend for us to do some of his favorite things. We decided to have a leisurely birthday weekend this year instead of throwing a party. Although we have had a lot of fun throwing parties for some of our past birthdays, we felt that with all the wedding planning craziness, a relaxing weekend would be much more suitable.  To give some examples of how exhausting it has been for us to throw a party, here are a few pictures from two of our previous themed birthday parties.

 Nautical Party

For James’ 26th birthday three years ago, we decided to throw a Nautical themed party (his twin brother had a separate future themed party the following day). I had just moved into my new apartment, and couldn’t afford to spend much on decor, so we focused most of the theming on the food.


We had shell pasta and spinach spaghetti to represent shells and seaweed, and fried calamari as the savory themed foods. For the treats, we made “edible aquarium” jello cups where we filled clear cups with blue jello, green gummy straws for seaweed, rock candy for the base, shark bites fruit snacks, and a gummy lifesaver sitting on the top.


We set out a fruit platter for our guests to nibble on and James sculpted these little ships out of pears. Clockwise from top: carrack, cutter, caravel, galleon.


For the cake we decided to buy an ice-cream cake and just decorate the top. We made a little lighthouse out of cookie dough, embellished it with candy shaped like rocks, and then covered the cake with blue frosting for water, and a few shark bites.


Dinosaur Party

I absolutely love dinosaurs (who doesn’t?), so for my 23rd birthday a few years ago, I decided it was high time to have a dinosaur themed birthday party. We had friends dress up in dinosaur themed costumes (most dressed up as characters from Jurassic Park), played dinosaur themed movies, and enjoyed themed food. Of course, toy dinosaurs were used everywhere to add decor and fun.


One of the foods were simple deviled eggs that I cracked and dipped into food coloring before peeling off the shells to give off the impression of a cracking dinosaur egg. Sadly we don’t have any great photos of the eggs, so this one will have to do.


The other treats were fairly basic, but we thought of creative names for each food to make it fit with the theme, such as pterodactyl nests for stuffed mushrooms, and primeval ooze for spinach and artichoke dip. For the drinks we splashed a little bit of Midori into the cocktails to give off that bright green color.


A lot of the theming for this party also went into decorating the apartment. We cut dinosaur tracks out of brown construction paper and taped them all over the floor of the apartment. Then we took green streamers and hung them from the ceiling to represent a jungle (sadly, no pictures were taken of those either).

We’ve had a few other themed parties, and continue to think of new theme ideas here and there, but for this year we’re happy to spend James’ birthday relaxing, and my upcoming birthday on our honeymoon. Perhaps next year for his 30th we’ll come up with some fun new ideas.


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