Favorite LA Spots: Greystone Mansion



The final installment of our ‘Favorite LA Spots’ series features Greystone Mansion, a gorgeous park located in Beverly Hills.


The park’s most prominent attraction is a huge mansion, outfitted with beautiful chimneys and Tudor style rooftops. The mansion itself is generally closed to the public, except for special events, but visitors are allowed to park and enter for free to explore the property at their own leisure.


Surrounding the mansion are various gardens, fountains, and stone pathways, making it a lovely place for an afternoon stroll.


The area pictured above can be used for private events, and would be a beautiful wedding venue. When James and I first discovered Greystone, we discussed the idea of having our wedding there, but ultimately decided to get married in Rhode Island.


Perhaps our favorite building on the property besides the mansion itself is the greenhouse.


With its distressed, overgrown feel, and the fact that it’s a bit secluded from the rest of the property, the greenhouse makes a great place for exploring.


We have visited the greenhouse during it’s summer months where it’s filled with plants, and during fall when it’s a bit more abandoned, and we have found it charming in all seasons.



Behind the greenhouse are a couple of buildings that we believed may have served as stables and servants’ quarters when initially constructed.


We hope to attend an event inside the mansion someday to get a closer look at its intricacies. I would highly recommend a visit to Greystone Mansion for anyone living in the Los Angeles area, or simply in town for travel. This completes the Favorite LA Spots series, for now, as who knows what new wonderful places we’ll discover next.





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