Our Engagement Story


One year ago today, James and I got engaged. Like many romantic engagement stories, it was quite the happy surprise for me. We had spoken about getting married many times before, so the idea of marrying him was not a question. We had been living together for about a year and a half, and approaching our three year anniversary, so we both knew it was only a matter of time. Regardless of the assumption that he would propose someday, the fact that it was a regular Monday night, about a week before his birthday, and two months shy of our three year anniversary, meant that it came as a complete shock.


The proposal itself was perfect, reinforcing the fact that he is perfect to me in every way. Earlier that day, James had texted me ‘I have a surprise for you,’ and for most people that would have been a giveaway, but not with us. Him having a surprise for me is commonplace, and it can range from ‘I got you cupcakes,’ to ‘I found this great used book that you’ll love.’


I walked up to our door, put my key in the keyhole, and before I could proceed, I heard him on the other side fumbling around with the locks. I took my key out and let him finish opening the door. The first thing I wanted to say was, ‘why was the door locked?’ since this is not typical if one of us is home and the other will be arriving soon. But before I had a chance to say anything, he opened the door just a tiny bit and said ‘close your eyes,’ before I could even take a single step inside. A bit alarmed, but excited for whatever this fun surprise would be, I complied and closed my eyes. He opened the door, and slowly led me in. With my eyes still closed, he had me put my purse down, and then before I could walk any further, he walked behind me and covered my eyes with his hands.


At this point my curiosity was piqued, and I began to run through my head what it could possibly be, never once during these few seconds thinking it would be a proposal. He walked me through our small foyer, through our living room, and then stopped right in front of the kitchen table dining area.  As he removed his hands from my eyes, he took a step to stand next me and asked me to open my eyes now. I can only imagine the look of surprise and thrill on my face at that moment. I opened my eyes to see what you see in this photograph, a book entitled ‘This is Paris,’ a bottle of champagne, our special champagne glasses, and the essential piece: an engagement ring. The book was a reprint of a children’s book from the 1950s, and he knew this would be perfect; I love books, and we had always talked about going to France for our honeymoon someday. The champagne glasses were a gift James gave me a couple of Christmases ago, that are crystal with a fine etching.


As I recall I stood there in shock for a few seconds, feeling my heart fill with a thrilling excitement. I turned to him as he grabbed my hands in his, and with a smile asked ‘will you marry me?’



2 Comments on “Our Engagement Story”

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