Favorite LA Spots: Union Station


Next up in the Favorite LA Spots series is Union Station. Like with the first two, Union Station has special meaning to James and myself not only for being a beautiful (and free to visit) destination, but also for being a part of one of our early dates (the fourth to be exact).


Almost four years ago, I had my very first birthday in Los Angeles. I still didn’t know many people, and for a little while I thought I would spend it by myself. Lucky for me, the man who will soon be my husband cleared out his day and gave me a tour of downtown Los Angeles.


We took the Metro Red Line from the Universal City station to Union Station, and I fell in love with it instantly. I had seen the station’s waiting room and old ticketing hall in feature films, but its grandeur is apparent only person.


I loved the intricate details in the gardens and every room, from the wall tile….


…to the gorgeous vaulted ceilings.


The station represents a precious part of Los Angeles history, and a first impression for countless people arriving here over the past century. We’re so glad that its still here to welcome people to the city that we call home.




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