New England


In just a few weeks I will be reaching my fourth year of living in Los Angeles, James will be reaching his seventh. Because we both happen to be from New England a lot of people are often surprised to learn that we actually met here in LA. We obviously did not exclusively date New Englanders, but it has been convenient. We have been able to visit James’ home town of Stamford, CT while visiting my family in Providence, RI (his family has now moved to Florida). LA is now our home, but I will always have a strong emotional attachment to New England, and absolutely love it every time we visit.


This past weekend while taking care of some wedding planning details, we took the opportunity to explore Downtown Providence a bit and take some fun photos. Pictured above is a street in the heart of the city featuring the Biltmore Hotel.


One of my favorite things about growing up in a tiny state was the benefit of seeing the State Capitol building whenever I wanted, even though I did not live in Providence for many years of my life.


This photo was actually from the first time that I took James to Rhode Island so that he could meet my family; we visited Slater Mill in Pawtucket, RI which happens to be the first water powered cotton spinning mill in North America. Here James is standing by the Blackstone River which powers the mill.


A photo of the mill showcasing the colonial architecture that is all over New England.


This photo shows the Blackstone River as well, but several miles away from the mill. The pedestrians only bridge was built to create a walking/biking park that extends through many miles of the river.


This photo is of a lecture hall on the campus of my alma mater, Brown University. This was also taken just this past weekend as I take any opportunity I can to visit the campus where I lived for four years.


This photo shows ‘the main green,’ on the Brown University campus. Lined with various types of trees and beautiful buildings, it’s no wonder students at the university are always happy.


A view of Downtown Providence looking down at the Woonasquatucket River. During the summertime, baskets with fires burning in them are placed along the river so visitors can enjoy the atmosphere even past sunlight.


Here is a photo taken in Columbus Park in downtown Stamford, CT. The look of this city is similar to Providence, or any other New England city on the water.


Downtown Stamford takes up a relatively small area. This stretch is just a block away from the previous photo. We are standing just outside of a large commercial development, Stamford Town Center, which has a very different feel from this row of buildings across the street.


James standing in front of the old city hall wearing his Hartford Whalers t-shirt, paying homage to a team that existed in his home state until 1997.


Perhaps the biggest highlight of visiting James’ hometown for the first time was Cove Island Park. Pictured here is a pipeline crossing left over from the large mill complex on the island that burned down in the early 20th century. This is a quiet area of the beach that is covered up at high tide. James was very excited to show me the park as he recounted stories from his youth.

There are still many more places in all of New England that we want to visit together; we’re both very glad to have these opportunities to visit our home states and share our favorite places with each other.




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