Handmade Wedding Gown Sash


We are currently on an airplane (I love in flight wi-fi) on our way to Rhode Island. This week-end we are taking care of  some wedding planning details, one of which will be getting my first set of alterations done for my wedding gown. I’ve had to do some prep work leading up to this weekend aside from the trying to get in better shape situation most brides put themselves in. The first thing I had to make sure to do was find my wedding shoes so that the tailor can alter the hem. This mostly involved a lot of online shopping. Eventually I found this pair in nude color that I felt worked well with my dress, and are comfortable enough to wear the whole day.


The other component was making a sash for my dress. This is not a necessary piece, but after trying on some ribbons around my waist when I was dress shopping, I decided I wanted to make my own. I loved the idea of having a piece of my wedding ensemble be something that I made with my own hands, so I took the challenge and am very pleased with the results.


Using a variety of fabrics in different shades of blush and champagne, I constructed three of these little flowers.


I started off by tracing different size circles onto the fabrics with a pencil and three different sized glasses.


Once I had all of my circles traced, I carefully cut out the circles with fabric scissors.


This took the longest amount of time since I cut many more circles than I would need, to have a lot of options for those that would make it into the final product.


Then, using an unscented wax candle, I carefully singed the edges of the fabric.


The singeing of the fabric has two purposes: 1. it seals the edges so that the fabric won’t fray, 2. it makes the fabric curl in to give the illusion of a flower petal.


I used a blush colored lace fabric to give the flowers a bit more delicate detail. Using nail scissors, I cut out along the edges of the shapes in the lace to make the flowers have a more textured look.


Once I had all of my pieces, I sorted out just those pieces I wanted to use. A few pieces had a slightly burned edge due to the singeing process. Then, I stacked the circles from largest to smallest, insuring that each flower had all four fabrics incorporated.


Once the main body of the flowers were finished, I stitched in a few pearls in the very center of each.


I made one larger flower for the center of the sash, and two smaller ones to go on the sides.


Next I got to working on the ribbon itself. I purchased a light champagne colored ribbon, and a lace ivory colored ribbon with small pearls attached throughout. Using a small needle, I stitched the two ribbons together at various points. I did not want the lace to lay completely flat against the ribbon, so I only secured it at the tops and middle of the lace.


Once the ribbon was ready, I secured the three flowers with needle and ivory thread so that they would be positioned just slightly to the right of my middle.


It took many hours to complete this, but I couldn’t be happier with the final result. I cannot wait to see what it will look like on my wedding gown.


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