Favorite LA Spots: Barnsdall Park


As part of a series, I am creating posts about our favorite (and free) places in Los Angeles. I started the series with the Griffith Observatory, and am following up with Barnsdall Park. Located atop a small hill, Barnsdall is a lovely park in Hollywood that provides a relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. This park holds a special meaning to us, as it was where we had our third date together. On that beautiful late summer day we also shared our first picnic together, and we’ve been big fans of picnic dates ever since.


The main attraction of the park is the Hollyhock House, which sits atop the hill. The house, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, features a unique pattern inspired by the hollyhock flower which adorns the entire exterior.


I highly recommend a tour of the inside of the house, where visitors can see more of the brilliant design elements Frank Lloyd Wright incorporated into this structure.


The structure in the photograph above was built as an additional residence of Barnsdall Park, just a short walk away from the Hollyhock House itself. Unfortunately, some parts of the property have been neglected for quite some time, but an extensive restoration is currently underway, and James and I are very excited for the completion of the project.


In the meantime, this little park still offers a wonderful place to relax off Hollywood Blvd.



4 Comments on “Favorite LA Spots: Barnsdall Park”

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