Beach Days


Living in Southern California has many benefits, the most well known one being access to the beach. It is possible to go to the beach all year round, but James and I prefer to wait for hot summer days when the water doesn’t feel as cold, and the evenings are breezy and warm. It’s still Spring here in Los Angeles, but we anticipate a very warm summer, and many beach days to enjoy it. We love to pack a picnic, take some beach towels for lounging, and most importantly, build sand castles.


This sand castle was from our last beach trip this past summer. After making a large hill of hard packed sand, we used a few buckets, cups, and plastic utensils to shape it into walls and towers.



Typically James comes up with the concept for the castles. He has so much fun focusing on the many details that make up the structures, even though they usually end up being half the size he envisioned.


Here’s one that we made on top of a rock, before we realized that we needed a high foundation of wet sand.


At least this one wasn’t affected by the tide.


The water is usually freezing, but we try to be brave and go in for at least a bit each time.


No trip to the beach is complete without some rock climbing and cave exploration. I’m very excited to take out my bathing suit and begin enjoying the beach again this summer.





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