Southern California Weekends

Like many couples, James and I love taking weekend getaway trips. Living in Southern California means that most of the time these destinations are within a few hours drive. Here are some photos from a couple of our adventures in Southern California thus far.


We have been to San Diego twice now, which I suppose is a relatively small number considering how nearby it is. We most certainly intend to go many more times (we’ve heard the Zoo is a must), as we thoroughly enjoyed our time there. These photos are specifically from our first trip to the city in 2012.


One of our first stops as soon as we arrived in San Diego was Balboa Park, which was by far our favorite part of the weekend. We spent several hours in the park roaming through the structures and gardens, taking in sunlight, and admiring everything it had to offer.


As expected, the park was filled with families enjoying their weekends and playing by the koi ponds.


After Balboa Park we walked back to our hotel in the Gaslamp Quarter. We stayed in a lovely hotel where we had rooftop access to admire the downtown area from above.


We spent the rest of that evening exploring the area.


James had visited the convention center once before this trip, and was very glad to have this opportunity to see it without the Comic-Con crowds.


The next morning we headed to Petco Park before driving back to Los Angeles. It has become a tradition to visit the sports complexes of every city we visit, and we hope to see many more across the country on our travels.


On a different trip south of Los Angeles, we decided to stop by San Juan Capistrano. We did not stay for very long, but were glad to have the opportunity to visit the mission. We decided to pay for the audio tour to guide us through the entire mission.


The ruins of the mission are hauntingly beautiful.


With wedding planning, it’s likely that we won’t be taking as many weekend getaways this year. Perhaps we will find time to explore a few new places in the upcoming months.


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