Handmade Wedding Gifts


We have officially registered for our wedding. We were hesitant at first since we don’t really need anything but decided that it would be the most convenient route for some friends and family. Of course we are not the type of couple who feel entitled to a gift from our guests – their company for the celebration of our union is more than enough. However, we know many will want to give us a gift so rather than having them struggle to figure out what we would want/need we made it a bit simpler for them with a wedding registry.

This past year we went to two weddings for close friends and were in a situation where we had to figure out the perfect gift for each couple. One of the couples did not have a registry at all and the other couple had a limited amount of items left by the time we got to the registry list; besides, we wanted their gifts to be more personal, as they are good friends. Therefore, we decided to make their gifts. My skills with crafting lie primarily with textiles so I knew I would be taking that approach.


For the first wedding we decided to make aprons for the couple. They cook a lot so we thought it would make for a nice gift to make them aprons in their favorite colors and hand embroider their last name onto the aprons.


For her apron I used two kinds of fabric, a print and a solid, along with a patterned purple ribbon to line some of the edges. I modeled it after an apron I have (seen hanging in the back after it went through a messy cooking session earlier). I did not use a pre-cut pattern for either apron. Instead, I took measurements roughly based on my existing apron for hers and used James as my model for his.


For the second handmade wedding gift we fabricated this past year we made hand embroidered kitchen towels featuring some of the couples favorite logos. They had a very unique and comic book themed wedding in October so it felt like a fitting and personal gift.We included several images representing their favorite films, comics, places and hobbies.


James took on the challenge of hand drawing all of the images and then I embroidered them all as carefully as I could.

Admittedly these project take a lot more time and devotion than purchasing a gift but every once in a while it’s worth the effort to provide that special handmade touch. We will be pleased to receive anything from our registry, but whole heartedly welcome unique special gifts as well.


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