Play Time with Legos

James and I both absolutely love playing with Legos. We have a few bins full of Lego sets in our closet, including some from James’ childhood. We even have a few models on display throughout our apartment, such as The Millennium Falcon, the Back to the Future DeLorean, and several minifigs. A couple of months ago, we decided to splurge on the Lego Architecture Studio set to add to our ever growing collection. We knew that this was something we could have a lot of fun with, and that it would continuously challenge our creativity. Here are some of the models we have created so far:



The scale of this one was determined by the steps. In theory this is only the front of the building as creating the entire structure would have taken a lot more pieces. This is perhaps the largest one that we have made so far.



In contrast, this model is one of the smaller ones we have created. The idea here is to show three skyscrapers in microscale.




This model can represent a hotel or apartment building. If you look closely there are about four stories with a little balcony for each unit.


These three were some of the very first structures we made. They were mostly arbitrary as we had fun learning how all the different types of pieces worked together.

This piece is directly modeled after a tile from the Ennis House. James used an intricate series of small plates to create the shapes inside the square. We did not have enough pieces to make a larger fully detailed version, but it came out very well nonetheless.


3 Comments on “Play Time with Legos”

  1. Foolish Lego says:

    Those are pretty cool models. Always wondered if the architecture studio is worth it’s price, looks like it is. Sadly it’s not even for sale in the official Lego on-line store in my country. So I’ll have to make due with your photo’s 😉

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