Anniversary Trips

This weekend James and I purchased our honeymoon flights. This is an instance where words really cannot convey our excitement. We chose our wedding date based on our anniversary. We feel that as important as our wedding anniversary will be, the anniversary of our first date will always hold a heavier significance as the true beginning of our relationship, so we wanted both dates to be relatively close. The past three anniversary’s we have decided to celebrate by taking weekend trips. Our honeymoon, which begins the day after the wedding, will also celebrate our four year anniversary. After purchasing our flights I started to look back at previous anniversary trips, the most recent which was our trip to Quebec. Here are some pictures from our first and second year anniversary trips. We look forward to adding many more wonderful trips in the happy years to come.


For our first year anniversary, James got us tickets for a ride on the Fillmore and Western Railway steam train. I had actually never been on a train in general until this day (living in Rhode Island most of my life doesn’t really call for riding trains), so it was a wonderful treat. What better way to ride a train for the first time?!


The train ride took us through the farmland of Ventura County, and had two stops. The first stop was in Santa Paula where we were able to walk around and grab some lunch, and the second at an emporium where we were able to shop from local farmers.


We sat in a booth all to ourselves and enjoyed refreshments from the concession counter in the train.


One of my favorite details of the day were the tickets, complete with stamps and hole punches marking the date (which helped inspire our save the dates). It was a great detail to round out the experience.

IMG_6593For our second anniversary celebration we took a trip to Santa Barbara for the weekend. That year our anniversary fell right on Labor Day weekend so we were able to spend a few days exploring the romantic city.


James (who loves all things related to flags) was very excited to find a replica of the very first bear flag of California at the pier.

IMG_6577There was a lovely view from the top of the courthouse.

img_65701Here is the doorway of the Spanish Colonial Revival courthouse showing the great fonts that are used all around the government buildings.

img_6595After a full day and night in Santa Barbara we decided to head to Solvang for a few hours before making our way back to Los Angeles. This charming Danish architecture proved to be quite the surprise as we were not expecting something so interesting. We have decided that Solvang will need a whole weekend to itself for our exploration someday.


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