Wedding Dress Shopping

Last week I went wedding dress shopping. I happen to be very lucky to have a fiancé who is very actively involved in every detail of the wedding planning, but we decided that he would not be involved with the dress. We are not superstitious, but we do like the idea of maintaining this particular tradition. I went with my mother, my sister/maid of honor, my two nieces (each representing their mothers/my sisters), and my best friend. They all gave great feedback and support. I knew what type of dress I wanted going in, and was worried that I would not find anything close to my ideal, at least not in our budget. Luckily, after just a few attempts at two stores, I found the dress for me. I had ‘the moment’ that I always imagined I would have when I found the one, and it was right within our budget. Here are some of the dresses which did NOT make the cut before I tried on the one for me. I will not share the winning dress until the wedding photos are posted.


This dress on the left was actually chosen by the bride trying on dresses in the next room over, and I admit it is lovely. My personal issue with it was the tulle showing through on the side, which is not for me.

The one on the right was well liked by most of my family. I loved the strap detail, but I was not at all a fan of the peplum. It felt trendy, and like something I would regret in a few years.


I liked the lace detail on the top of the left dress, but overall it felt a bit matronly for me. The bottom detail felt sparse and that was a deal breaker.

This dress on the right was quickly a no. The tulle on the bottom clashed too much with the embroidered flowers on the upper portion.


This one was the one that made my mommy cry. It came very close to being the right one – it had the lace, a beautiful back, and an elegant feel. My concerns were the sash, which was much too bright and covered with gem stones, and the tail of the dress, which was definitely too long and heavy for an outdoor wedding in early September.


This dress was another close one. It had a lot of what I was looking for – the only exception being that it had a bit too much ‘poof’ for my taste, as I was ideally in search of a sheath style dress. This very likely would have been the one, had I not found the perfect dress shortly after.

Now that I have found my dress, the whole wedding seems to be coming even more into focus. We still have several details to sort out, and we’re having fun with it every step of the way.


3 Comments on “Wedding Dress Shopping”

  1. Congrats on finding the dress (and a man whose by your side through it all!)! 🙂

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