Christmas Dinner for Two


This holiday season, James and I celebrated our fourth Christmas together. This was also the last year that we split up for Christmas, since we usually travel to visit our respective families for the holiday. We will of course start spending all future Christmases together after we are married. Since we did not spend Christmas day together, we celebrated a few days before departing as we have done the previous three years. We kept it simple and romantic – a home cooked meal, a decadent dessert, holiday cocktails, and pretty candles made this meal better than any restaurant could have.


For the main course, I made whole wheat penne pasta with bacon, lobster, and sun-dried tomatoes. This year, decided to pick up a little cheesecake at a bakery instead of making a dessert at home.


For the cocktails (per serving): muddled cranberries, 1 oz bourbon, 1/2 oz ginger syrup, dash of angostura bitters, splash of 100% cranberry juice, dash of cinnamon.


After dinner, we opened our gifts and continued to watch some of our favorite holiday movies.


We ended our night by taking out all of the Legos in our Lego City Advent Calendar since we would be gone for the remaining days. This years calendar included a lot of great fun pieces that we will be able to take out and display every holiday season.


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