Handmade Christmas Cards


Special events such as the holiday season, birthdays, and weddings are a perfect opportunity to get crafty. Sure, you can purchase a nice card, but I prefer to create cards – it gives it the obvious personal touch and you get to have fun being creative. This year we kept our Christmas cards fairly simple; last year we decided to make intricate cards using cotton balls, buttons, and ribbon – which was a lot of fun – but wanted to change it up this time around.

IMG_0895a (1)

The process was a little messy – but if you don’t mind working with glitter than you will enjoy every step (just look at James’ enjoying himself!).

You’ll need:

Plain cards

Glue pen

Glitter (your choice of colors)

Ink pad (your choice of color)

Holiday stamp (we used a snowflake one we found at Paper Source)

Optional: embossing powder and embossing tool


Using the glue pen I hand wrote everything I wanted to be in one color – so in this case ‘Merry Christmas.’

IMG_0896a (1)

Quickly sprinkle the glitter over the glue before it starts to dry up. Make sure all glue is evenly coated before removing excess glitter onto a piece of paper – which you can use later to put extra glitter back into its container. Repeat on each card and then move on to your next color.

You can then simply place the stamp where you wish – or emboss to give it an extra dimension.


Follow the instructions on your embossing tool – we used a gold ink pad and gold embossing powder to give it a bit more saturation and glow.


As the final touch – we placed some stamps on the front of the card and on the envelopes. You can of course emboss these as well to your liking. The whole process was quick, fun, and easy. It’s a great holiday craft for adults and children alike.

Merry Christmas cards making!


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