Transition to Autumn


Autumn is hands down my favorite season. I’m a New England girl who got accustomed to the crisp air, colorful leaves, and that ‘back to school’ feeling. Well, now I live in Los Angeles and finished my education over three years ago but I still love the change of season and everything that comes with it. You do still find that the weather shifts to just slightly chilly mornings and brisk air. To embrace the seasons even further we like to have a visual transition in our home as well. With just some simple changes you can emote the autumn spirit. IMG_0894aInstead of adding in new pieces as decor I replaced common household items with season appropriate ones. For example, I replaced our summer table set that consisted of cool blues and cream colored plates and napkins with table pieces in oranges, browns, and yellows.  I used typical table pieces such as this table runner we got from our trip to Guatemala, owl salt and pepper shakers, an orange vase to hold utensils at the table, and pretty yellow napkins with a light leaf pattern. Our lovely table and kitchen hatch have some fall coloring on its own, which certainly helps.


For the living room I went with a more subtle approach as most of our furniture is already dark brown. I purchased some flowers that lean toward autumn colors instead of going for the bright pinks and reds that I love for summer.


Yes, clearly I have a thing for owls, and I find them just right for this season. Can’t wait for fall recipes, hot beverages, sweaters, and apple picking!


One Comment on “Transition to Autumn”

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