The Simple Things

They may seem small, but I love all those simple things and moments that can add something special to your day. Here are some that are making me happy today. Oh and the fact that it’s Friday and my birthday weekend!


My new London Fog weekender bag. Finally found the perfect bag size and look that I wanted for all our fun weekend getaways.


I love that our boarding passes are in English AND French for our trip to Quebec City.

photo (31)

Pumpkin spice latte’s are back! Which means that my favorite season is almost here and all things pumpkin are on their way.


I’m not a huge Halloween fan (it’s fun but it’s no Thanksgiving), but I am a huge Disney villains fan. What an appropriate day for the Halloween festivities to begin at Disneyland – can’t wait to see all the villains unleashed in the park in the upcoming month.


My lunch box – yes, I’m an adult with a lunch box and I love it. It’s so convenient! It all stacks up into one and has three different compartments. If it weren’t for this lunch box I would have to pack multiple separate containers all the time – this is brilliant. The tin is so much more appealing than plastic and not as heavy as glass. Win.


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