Save The Date


The countdown toward wedding day has started. Although perhaps a bit early, we decided to send out our save the dates a year in advance. It will give our guests more than enough time to get any affairs sorted before flying out to New England. We’ll be travelling a lot in the upcoming year to plan the wedding and I am a little nervous about planning a wedding that will take place across the country from where we live, but excited nonetheless.


James and I are both quite detail oriented and most importantly place a lot of thought and value into any aesthetics surrounding our lives. Creating the save the dates was a much more intensive process than we initially thought, but even after the frustrations of not finding just the right shades of paper and figuring out just how to create our mailing labels, we were happy with the finished products.


Paper and labels weren’t our only obstacles along the way. It seemed that every idea we had was faced with a great challenge. We decided to create a pseudo train ticket format to signal out the date of our wedding by creating a calendar box and punching out the holes for the month and day. The process of creating the images we wanted was easy peasy, but finding the pieces to execute our ideas didn’t prove to be such. After we had finally found papers we were content with, a great print shop to handle the printing and cutting, spent hours cutting and gluing the labels, and even much thought devoted to what stamps we should use, we were faced with the duty of finding a hole puncher. You would think that that would be the least of our worries, but apparently no place we visited, art supply or office supply store, carried something as simple as a 1/8′ hole puncher. So we decided to do the next logical thing that anyone would do in the year 2013: we purchased one online. ‘Problem solved!’ – we thought. ‘I think not!’ said the hole puncher. We received our hole puncher and were ready to finish our lovely save the dates to find that the hole puncher was not long enough to reach our desired area on the cards.  James was a flurry of frustration, but I didn’t want to give up so soon. So we decided to take it apart, which as has been the theme, put up a bigger fight than it should have. As you can see I literally torched the thing and it was still resilient.


In the end, we won.


We each took half the pile to put in the mail box. The first project for our wedding complete.

photo (20)

And off they went! A labor of love. If we were able to beat all these pesky little blocks in the road, we can do anything.

photo (19)


5 Comments on “Save The Date”

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  4. Arielle Schussler says:

    Hello! I am also planning a vintage Victorian/Baroque styled wedding and most of it will also be DIY 🙂 I love your invitations! What fonts did you use? I have been searching high and low for the perfect fonts.

    • thesageowlblog says:

      Hi Arielle! We took existing fonts and altered them in photoshop for most of what we used. I also found it helpful to look up antique victorian newspaper images as inspiration. Best of luck on your wedding planning! 🙂

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