Save The Date


The countdown toward wedding day has started. Although perhaps a bit early, we decided to send out our save the dates a year in advance. It will give our guests more than enough time to get any affairs sorted before flying out to New England. We’ll be traveling a lot in the upcoming year to plan, and I am a little nervous about planning a wedding that will take place across the country, but excited nonetheless.


It was difficult to find the right shade of paper, as well as figuring out the mailing labels. It seemed that every idea that we had was faced with a great challenge. We decided to create a pseudo train ticket format to signal out the date of our wedding by creating a calendar box and punching out the holes for the month and day. It took quite a bit of ingenuity to modify the hole puncher that we bought, seeing as there was a size problem. In the end, we figured it out by using a blow torch, of all things. Despite the obstacles, it is exciting that the first project for our wedding is now complete.


5 Comments on “Save The Date”

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  4. Arielle Schussler says:

    Hello! I am also planning a vintage Victorian/Baroque styled wedding and most of it will also be DIY 🙂 I love your invitations! What fonts did you use? I have been searching high and low for the perfect fonts.

    • thesageowlblog says:

      Hi Arielle! We took existing fonts and altered them in photoshop for most of what we used. I also found it helpful to look up antique victorian newspaper images as inspiration. Best of luck on your wedding planning! 🙂

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